Don’t get stuck for Content Ideas this summer with this Summer Content Bingo!

Download now to get 28 content prompts for the summer, plus a list of key awareness days for July & August, to help you get your content sorted for the summer ahead.



picture of Corinne smiling at her laptopHey! I’m Corinne.

You may be here because we already know each other but you may have stumbled across this offer on Instagram or TikTok so I just wanted to say hi.

I help business owners (like you) to get their content uncomplicated. I offer straightforward and practical advice, with no hacks or algorithm bullsh*t.

I truly believe that you should enjoy your time on social media (most of it anyway!) and a big part of that is enjoying your content.

You should never run out of content ideas – because your business is so amazing there’s so much to talk about!. You do sometimes need a few prompts to get you started and that’s where this download comes in – 28 prompts to get you thinking about what you can share with your audience this summer.