Are you regularly tracking your Instagram Insights? This is a question I ask my clients, and have regular discussions with people about. 

The answer is often no. 

If you’re not tracking them, then how do you know anything you’re doing on Instagram is working?

Instagram is a big investment – you may not be paying anyone to be managing it for you but you’re investing a lot of time into it and your time equals money. So you should be making sure that you’re getting a good return for that investment.


Why Should You Track Instagram Insights? 

There’s no one size fits all or quick fixes when it comes to Instagram. We’re all different and our audiences are all different, so the best way to succeed is through trial & error. The only way to truly test if things are working though is to look at your analytics. 

Tracking and understanding your Insights can help you look back to see how your content is performing which in turn helps you plan your future content. These analytics can help you better understand how your audience behaves so you can create more content that they will enjoy & engage with. 

The bonus of tracking your Insights is you might surprise yourself! Tracking on a monthly basis you can see the peaks & troughs and growth on your account. It’s an opportunity to pause and give yourself a pat on the back for your achievements & progress. 


So What Should You Be Tracking on Instagram? 

If Instagram Insights are new to you, or you’re not in a regular habit of tracking, here’s 5 things that I recommend you track on a monthly basis*

*if you’re sharing a lot of content you may want to track on a weekly basis, but monthly is fine and hopefully can become habitual. 

  1. Reach – Reach is the number of accounts that have seen your content in the time period. The more people your content reaches increase the opportunity for them to engage with it, get to know your business and tempt them to buy. Instagram also break this down by followers and non-followers; depending on your goals it can be useful to understand how many “new” eyes you’re getting on your content.
  2. Website Taps – How many people are tapping that ‘link in your bio’ and heading to your website for more. Often website taps will indicate people who are more interested in your content & offerings; they’re heading to your website to check out your offerings, or read a blog, or book a call with you etc. They want to know more about you & your business so this metric helps you understand if your content is driving people to find out more. Note: If your main call to action is different (eg: ‘visit my shop’ or ‘email me’) then you should track those interactions instead.
  3. Accounts Engaged – This metric shows the number of accounts that have engaged with your content; this can include likes, comments, saves, shares or replies. Again you can also track this by followers and non-followers. It’s important to understand how much engagement your account is receiving; in some form we’re all striving for more engagement and so this helps understand & measure this.
  4. Content Interactions – A subsection of ‘Accounts Engaged’ this metric totals the number of interactions you have received on your content; this includes interactions on posts, reels, videos & stories. This is a key measure for your engagement, and you may wish to break it down further to look at individual content types to understand which is performing best for you.
  5. Total Followers – Followers indicates how much your account is growing. Remember that followers do not equal sales but increasing interest in your content & account is important for being able to use Instagram as an effective marketing tool.


How To Track Your Instagram Insights?Instagram profile screenshot focused on Insights button


Tracking your Insights isn’t complicated, you don’t need any extra apps or tools.

To access your Insights, simply head to your profile and tap Insights. You will then find all the metrics mentioned above and more. 







You can record your Insights however you like, do it somewhere that’s easy to file to refer back to each month and where you can view your month on month stats. 

I use a spreadsheet – simple and effective. If you’d like a copy of my tracker you can download it here below.

I want you to enjoy using Instagram to build your community and grow your business; to find out more about how I can help you do this check out my Instagram services.

Or if you’re not sure where to start or have some questions, then let’s chat. Book a free 30 minute call, we can chat it all through and work out how I can best support you.

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