My Favourite ‘Hidden’ Features of Instagram

It’s no surprise that my favourite social media platform is Instagram. I love the visuals, the ease of searching & finding new accounts, and the communities that are built. 

As well as the main, popular features there are also quite a few that aren’t so well known and/or forgotten about (‘hidden’).

So here are three of my favourite ‘lesser known’ features: 


1.Pinned Comments

This is a comment moderation tool. It allows you to select up to 3 comments to pin to the top of your comments thread. You can’t pin your own comments but it does allow you to be strategic with your comment thread.

Comments are where your community is built so they can be really important for you and your audience. By choosing key comments to pin at the top of your comments thread, you can highlight that information for other people viewing the post.

You can also use this feature to help combat spam & troll comments and get the attention focused on the right comments.

Plus there’s an engagement boost opportunity too: users are notified when their comment is pinned, meaning feel good recognition for them and may encourage them to come back & re-engage with that post or other posts.Screenshot of pinning comments


How to do it:

To pin a comment, on IOS swipe left on the comment or tap the comment on Android.

!!! Careful not to swipe too quickly as you could delete the comment !!!

You will then see options to pin, report or delete the comment. Tap the pin and it’s done. A notification will be sent to the user to let them know you’ve pinned their comment.



2. Your Activity > Interactions

This one is so useful if (like me) you see something whilst you’re scrolling and then forget where it was, and you haven’t saved it. 

Within ‘Your Activity’ in your profile you can review you recent ‘interactions’. This shows you comments, likes and story replies. You can sort by sort & filter by timescales and choose if you want to delete the interactions.

Screenshot of Activity Menu


How to find it: 

Head to your profile and tap the 3 lines on the top right. Select Your Activity and then Interactions. 

Plus there’s also lots of other useful detail in ‘Your Activity’ so well worth a look around!




3. Save Effects for Reels & Stories 

Do you use effects (otherwise known as filters) when you’re recording Reels and/or Stories? I find they can help add an extra element of entertainment. They can also help boost your confidence if you’re a bit unsure about showing your face – smooth out some of those lines, hide the greys etc! 

One word of warning – you don’t want to fool your audience or be ‘fake’, so do make sure you still look like you and always be honest about whether you’re using an effect or not. 

When I first starting using them I would try to remember the name of them and search through to find them, until I found out you could save them! This has been such a time saver for me and means I’ll never lose my favourites.screenshot of effects menu

How to do it:

Once you’ve selected an effect, tap the name at the bottom. This will bring up a menu where you can ‘save effect’. 

Saved effects are shown to the left of the record button on Reels & Stories. 

If you want to know a few of my favourite effects check them out here.



Your Turn!

So how many of these did you already know about?! If you already knew about them & are using them – great! If not then do check them out, give them a go and let me know what you think.


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