Should You Share Personal Content on Your Business Social Media?

Instagram post showing cup of coffee and packet of pillsLast week I shared something pretty personal on my business social media feeds. I won’t lie; I was nervous before sharing and it did feel a bit exposing. But it was a topic that was important to me, something that needs to be talked about more openly and I wanted to share my experience with others. 

The key thing was I chose to share it. No-one asked me to, probably no-one was expecting me to and I certainly didn’t need to. 



We’re often told that we should show ourselves on social media, share about our personal lives; not just make it all business. 

However for some people this feels uncomfortable & exposing and maybe you’re wondering why this type of content has a place when it comes to your business. 


So before we get on to discussing what type of content you could share, let’s look at that question more closely.


Why share personal content? 

Think about a time you employed someone to do some work in your home (an electrician, plumber, builder, etc). Firstly you probably made a few calls and got some different people round to give you a quote. 

Now, how did you make the decision of who to employ? 

Was it purely based on price? 

You likely discounted some quickly based on price, or lack of availability. But when it came down to the final decision, I suspect you also considered the person. Did you get on, did you make a connection with them and did you trust that they would do a good job? 

These are often the differentiating factors when it comes to a buying decision, particularly when buying a service; do you like the person selling the service?


So this is where the personal content comes in. 


Sharing personal content on your social media feeds can help build the ‘know-like-trust’ factor. 

Sharing information about your day to day routines, likes & dislikes can help your audience relate to you. It generates a conversation, and builds an important connection. Ultimately that connection means when they come to making a buying decision they are more likely to think of you than an unknown, faceless competitor. 

Plus never underestimate how nosey we all are! We love to see behind the scenes, get a peek at someone else’s living room / garden / car – it generates interest & engagement. 


What should you share? 

You accept that you need to share something but you actually like to keep the personal & business separate. Or maybe you’re at the other end of the scale, and are happy to share anything & everything but is that still professional? 


Firstly, you should only share what you feel comfortable with. 

Your business social media is in the public domain so make sure you only share details and information that you’re happy to be public. You don’t need to push yourself out of your comfort zone here, and certainly don’t need to feel exposed (unless you want to). 


Secondly, this is your business page so you do need to consider your brand personality and what your target clients may want to know. 

Remember the purpose of sharing this content is to help people get to know and like you, so they want to buy from you. 


Finally, do make sure you show your face. A big part of people getting to know you is to see you. If you’re not confident about posting pictures of yourself, I highly recommend investing in a professional brand photoshoot. 


Here’s 5 content ideas for how you can start to show some of your personality but hopefully not feel uncomfortable doing so: 

  1. A day in the life – share snapshots of a typical day in your business. How long is your commute? How do you split your day? What do you eat for lunch? This keep it focused on work but your personality will come through.
  2. Behind the Scenes – go behind the scenes during a particular project or event. Or simply give a tour around your workspace. Showing people the processes you go through to get the work done is interesting and ticks the ‘nosiness’ box for your audience.
  3. Favourite Quote – share your favourite quote, or words that mean something to you. Explain the reasons why they mean something; why do these words resonate with you. Most likely they’ll also resonate with some of your audience. 
  4. Your Brand Story – where did your brand come from? When & why was it created? This could be quite a broad topic that could be split into different topics. It will no doubt share some details about your own career journey and help your audience understand your better. 
  5. What you’re currently reading / watching / listening to – what you choose to watch, read or listen to says something about you; these are also great conversation starters online where you can find commonality or differences with your audience. 


As with all content, remember to ensure it is RELEVANT – to your audience and/or to your brand. 


How do you know it’s working? 

As with all of your content, it’s important to regularly check your metrics. 

If you’re not sure what you’re sharing is resonating with your audience then take a look at your analytics; what content is working well for you and what isn’t. Using this information really helps develop your future content plans. 


I hope this blog has been useful to guide you through sharing personal content on your business social media. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts and happy to discuss further if you have any questions, so do get in touch

Keep enjoying yourself! 

10 Value Adding Social Media Content Ideas

How many times have you heard to stand out on social media you need to “add value”? But what does that really mean? 

Simply put it is content that your audience will find useful; something that informs, educates or entertains them. 

Entertains, really?! Yes! 

Making them smile, getting them to stop the scroll and really engage with your content, that is adding something to their day; it’s valuable. 


Why share value adding content? 

You were born to stand out! 

Social media is a busy place; there’s a lot of content out there and it can be difficult to be heard. 

Sharing value adding content can help differentiate you from the crowd. It can engage your followers with your content, and make you memorable.

You are the expert!

Sharing tips & advice demonstrates your expertise/ knowledge in your niche; positioning yourself as the expert and building trust with your audience that you know what you’re talking about. 

If they’ve already gained value from you, then when they’re ready to buy they’re more likely to come back to you to build on that. 


Value Adding Content Ideas

Here are 10 prompts for value adding content for you to share:

  1. Bust a myth from your niche
  2. Share a how to / short tutorial 
  3. Answer a FAQ (what do you regularly get asked about by followers or friends) 
  4. Statistics – share some interesting stats from your industry
  5. Share your favourite podcaster, who adds value to you (chances are your audience will find them valuable too!)
  6. Share tips for making the most of the service you provide (eg: how to prepare for a power hour, or what colours to wear for a Spring photoshoot) 
  7. Host a Q&A session 
  8. Share a time saving tip  
  9. Share a common mistake people make in your niche, and how to fix it 
  10. Invite a guest to share something informative 

REMEMBER to always ensure the content you’re sharing is relevant to your business & your audience. 


Don’t forget to sell! 

Value adding content doesn’t have to be all about giving away free advice to your audience. 

You are establishing yourself as the expert and building the relationship, positioning yourself as the go to person when your audience is ready to buy. So don’t forget to tell them what you offer and how they can buy!


Want more content ideas?

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