Instagram Focus

I honestly feel so much more confident with using Instagram, stories and reels. It’s a really fantastic service that you offer and I’ll definitely be back for more help in the future. I love the way you explain things simply, without it feeling overwhelming and with the audit video and info pack.

Content Planner 2

I’ve downloaded your social media planner and love it! I’ve scheduled posts for the next 2 months!

Content Planner 1

100% best money I’ve spent on social media! Corinne has covered EVERYTHING so we don’t even have to think about it!

Content Planner

Great to have a proper planner, been very ad hoc with social media so far, so thanks for all your advice & tips!

Content Sorted testimonial

I booked in with Corinne for one of her “Content Sorted” packages. We had a really productive session together. We decided on my Content Pillars and through this have built a content plan with over 30 potential posts which should keep me going! I also have a better understanding of how to think about re-using and re-purposing existing content to make the most of the work I have already done.

The continuing support and follow up part of the package will certainly be very useful over the next few weeks also!

Tots Togz Power Hour Testimonial

We really appreciated the supporting documents you sent to us that gave us a step by step guide with visual prompts to various tools on social media platforms.

Bramble ^ Blossom Account Management

You picked it up and ran with it, so I didn’t have to do anything. You produced some great stories, posts and design work and really engaged with my followers. Thank you!


Wow! I have learnt so much already! Highly recommend the masterclasses.

Content Planning Workshop

I attended Corinne’s content planning workshop and found it really helpful and it gave me lots to think about.

She was knowledgeable and personable and I found her slides easy to read. Everything seemed very achievable with a little thought and planning so I was very grateful to get advice from an expert.

Great workshop and I’d definitely recommend!